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Military Select Membership 24/7 Access
Enrollment: $25
Compared to $59
Limited Time Offer! Exp. 4/30/2024
Get Healthy this April!
$25 Enrollment
Eat The Frog Group Training
24 Hour Access This Location
Staffed Hours Access This Location
Staffed Hours Access All Locations
Free Training
Free Guest Passes
Free Weekend Guest Passes
Unlimited Classes
Unlimited Tanning
Unlimited Team Training
Unlimited Thrive Kids
Unlimited Thrive Ride
Unlimited Group Fitness Classes
Free Hydro Massage
Towel Service
10% Off Supplements
10% Off Apparel
20% Off Apparel
Free 10 Minute Hyperice Recovery Sessions
Students age 12-18
$49 Annual Maintenance Fee
$39 Annual Maintenance Fee
Unlimited Recovery Zone Access
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The Select 24/7 Access membership gives you 24 Hour Access to Thrive Maple Valley.  You may upgrade your membership to include additional services at any time.  View details below for restrictions and exclusions.


Offer Details

Thrive Select 24/7 Membership Definition: Open access to all fitness equipment during 24 Hours 7 Days per week. Access is restricted to Thrive Maple Valley location only. Additional services such as group fitness classes, personal training, bootcamps, etc. available at additional cost.