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Calisthenics - Worth the effort?

by Thrive Fitness Fitness


Here is why...

This type of bodyweight training you might of heard about already. It is considered one of the most effective types of bodyweight training you can get, which is exactly why it is a fundamental in many military basic training routines and even by many successful athletes in modern fitness today.

So what is it?

Let’s take a look at the direct definition: “Callisthenics, gymnastic exercises to achieve bodily fitness and grace of movement.”

Now that seems a bit elitist, but here is the normal explanation:

Calisthenics is specifically designed to improve strength, agility, balance, flexibility and coordination, among many other things. Main focuses are Squats, push-ups, lunges, crunches, dips, jumping jacks, broad jumps, handstands…

Callisthenics Baby!!

Pros and Cons - Just a few simple pros and cons on the fly.

Like all the different types of workouts out there, calisthenics has its pros and cons, however the pros definitely outway the cons.

Pro’s of Calisthenics

  1. Anyone can do it! Yes no matter who you are or how fit or unfit you are, you can use this type of exercise because it’s that simple.
  2. You can incorporate it into your weight lifting workout plan at your Thrive gym as well, it is not at all limited to only bodyweight training.
  3. You will truly learn how to use your bodyweight to develop raw strength.

Simple but true Pros.

Now the cons

  1. Depending on how long you are willing to workout, it could take some time to see results, but you will definitely feel them rather soon.
  2. The prevalent feeling to give up because you not seeing results, patience will be needed because rest assured, it’s worth every effort.

Where to begin - Tips for beginners to gradually progress.

“Where do I start?”

Good question, as with many things in life, you will never jump into it and be a professional, no matter how strong you are. If you are not used to it and you give callisthenics an aggressive and explosive approach, chances are you wont even finish the first routine, and if you do, you won’t have the strength to do the second.

So start slow, find your limits, build them up and push further, over time you will be surprised at how your strength has grown. And these exercises are customisable, so set up a routine that works for you.

A good mobile App to start learning:

  • ‘ThenX’

One of the best Calisthenics Apps available for Android as well as IOS, with three phases: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced categories to choose from. With preset exercise routines as well as customizable routines.

And of course remember you can always approach any of our trainers at Thrive CF - they know their stuff!  

A few reminders - Just before you go for it!

Don’t be overly enthusiastic and half kill yourself with your first session, you might look up callisthenics on social media platforms and see callisthenics athletes doing their thing, it is not going to be possible for a beginner to do what these athletes do, because keep in mind that these athletes have been at it for years.

Don’t let this put you down though! Start small and grow, because callisthenics not only has long term physical benefits, but also long term mental benefits, like patience.

Ah yes patience...if you are struggling to develop patience you should take on callisthenics. And if you are advanced or intermediate in callisthenics already, you can obviously take on other exercise routines and types, depending on your liking. It’s up to you!

Thrive has everything you need.

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