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Simple Tips to Incorporate Mindfulness Into Your Fitness Routine

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Mindfulness is an holistic concept which has long filtered its way into the fitness realm. And it is here to stay for a reason.

It is what fitness experts have been working hard for all to embrace - defined and given a name. It encompasses the essence of why we pursue fitness: Comprehensive wellbeing.

We exercise to get fit and stay healthy. We want to look and feel better. A good 26% of us admit to turning to exercise for stress relief. 

All excellent reasons to do it RIGHT. 

A Case For Mindfulness

At first glance, the term ‘mindful’ may suggest adding an mystic element to your routine; when it is actually the opposite. 

It’s about emphasizing awareness of what we are busy doing and how we are doing it - Zoning in, and not out of the experience. 

It means concentrating on finding the perfect form and technique. Focusing on how we feel before, while and after exercising.

It goes on to encompass awareness of the effect on life as a result. Improved fitness results, sleep, mental clarity and nutrition. 

The benefits are implied. You spend the same amount of time exercising while getting more effective results. Chances of injuries are minimized. You may even enjoy your exercise more.

So, yes, it means a break from distractions, such as your iPod and the latest beats. Music helps us through the hard work, but for this, you want to be present.  

And excellent, if you have incorporated this into your approach to fitness. If not yet, then try it! 

Start with your next workout

Take your workouts to a deeper level with these guidelines:

  • Take your mind off things such as how far you still have to go, or how much weight to lose. Find your intention for this session.

  • Prepare yourself mentally for working as hard as you can, keeping in mind your intention. It could be to build better strength, endurance.

  • Don’t get negative. Approaching your workout with a positive mindset will help you not to limit yourself. But beware of going over your limits. It is a fine balance - this is where mindfulness comes in. You need to be aware of that balance.

  • While exercising, pay particular attention to your movements, your breathing. Keep this up throughout the duration of your exercise. The more you do this, the easier it will be to get into the state of flow - where you are fully engaged in what you are doing. This is where the exercise becomes less of hard work, and more of a focus.

  • Pay attention to techniques, and where you may have picked up a bad habit or technique.

  • Be sure not to skip your cool down, and pay the same quality of attention to these!

  • Should you catch your mind wandering off, get it back on track. The more you do this, the easier it will become. 

Feel free to approach any of our fitness professionals available at the time to help you with the correct technique, breathing and intensity for your specific needs.

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