Franchise Overview

It’s simple. The best part about owning your own Thrive Community Fitness franchise is having the platform and tools to transform the health of your local community and energize the lives of your members. And currently, the door is open to join us. We are offering the exciting opportunity to franchise with Thrive Community Fitness.

Ask yourself: Have you been searching for a way to play a larger, more transformative role in your local area? Or, do you feel God might be leading you to impact lives for the better? We invite you to consider the option to franchise with us. Because, since opening our first center in 2001, we have found that Thrive can be just that: a vehicle of positive change within a community. In fact, community is the cornerstone value of our business— one of our primary goals is to build a strong sense of community within each of our fitness centers. And as a franchisee, you won’t be left alone to this task. We are committed to helping you succeed, every step of the way.

Contact us here if you would like to explore this exciting, life-changing opportunity.